Forgive Us Our Cluelessness

crying-eyeIt’s interesting to look into the faces of strangers when I’m out in public and try to imagine what their deal is… where they’ve come from, the stories they could tell, the things they know how to do, the things they hope for… the things they’ve given up hoping for.   It’s like a puzzle.  Part of the picture is visible, like their smile or lack thereof, their eyes and whether or not they look into my face as I pass by.  


It can be overwhelming reading people because every time I dare to look, the reality of how much pain exists in our world hits like a ton of bricks!  It’s equally painful to realize how many hurting people honestly believe that no one cares or understands.


Though I can’t rescue people like I used to rescue baby rabbits or injured birds, there are so many times when I would just love to reach out to every person in my path who has been disappointed by life and give them a real, live dose of hope.  Not trite little pat answers or an “I’ll say a prayer for you.”  But more like, “The look on your face, I have worn, too… and if I could find my smile again, so can you!”


This freaks people out, by the way.  So I don’t recommend it.  That’s the reason I write.  If I can just capture some thoughts that are honest, transparent and offer glimpses of a Hope I have tested again and again… then, maybe, that sad lady from the Target parking lot will somehow have the chance to know someone cares that she seemed uneasy around her own husband.  Maybe at some point the sad-faced kid whose dad called him “stupid” in the checkout line will eventually, by some miracle, replace that untruth with a message from his Maker, who is convinced that he is a brilliant masterpiece.


Life isn’t always kind.  Sometimes we need to hear a different voice… one that helps balance the negatives with something true and good that we can hold onto. For everyone out there who is hurting, I want to say something on behalf of those who didn’t reach out to you and help you through whatever you’re facing.  Forgive us our cluelessness.  You are loved… we just haven’t figured out how to let you know it yet.


5 thoughts on “Forgive Us Our Cluelessness

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  1. So what about the guy at the Aldi check out line who, when told her could not pay via check, very politely said he’d go get cash and be right back. Most folks throw a huge hissy fit and make a complete goober of themselves. I have seen it happen. I wanted to chase this guy down and tell him that it was a breath of fresh air to see someone be as nice as he was and to also ask him if perhaps his demeanor might have been a by product of a relationship with his creator…I hope so.


  2. What a beautiful thought! I have felt so terrible passing someone in the store whom I can see is in so much pain, even though they are probably unaware of how obvious it is. I’ve learned to just smile at them, and then say a prayer for them that God will bring someone along side them whom they feel comfortable getting help from. I remind myself that God has a plan for them, and tomorrow is a new day filled with His compassions.


  3. I read somewhere that you had knowlege about the Gaithers so I searched out your blog in hopes of finding out if Guy Penrod is doing okay. His ministry has been so instrumental in helping me though this (a difficult time) in my life and I miss him. So I come upon this post and and as I am reading I ask myself, who is this person who knows human nature so well and how is it that she is touching the innermost parts of my hurting heart with her words. Thank you Emily. How special you are!


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