2011: We’re focusing…we’re focusing…

Maybe some of you can relate to this… particularly you creative types about there.  I tend to get a bunch of writing projects spinning, because I don’t want to talk myself out of trying things or taking on new challenges, only to find myself managing all kinds of busyness without really having any way to measure how effectively I am saying the things I want to say with my life and my work.  Often I say yes to others’ projects and let my own writing goals sit and gather moss.

I’ve been sporadic about blogging, about some songwriting projects that are important to me, and about that screenplay I keep promising I’ll get to “sometime” but never do. Enough already!  I’m tired of being unfocused and unproductive… and I’m even more tired of never having a sense of completion when it comes to the projects that are closest to my heart.

The reason for saying all this publicly is to put “stake” in the ground.  To admit publicly that I’ve not used all the incredible resources and opportunities in my life wisely.  So hold my feet to the fire! 2011 is going the year where I stop shooting from the hip and lay out intentional, purposeful plans.  In fact, I’ve already started!

Now I know very well that the best laid plans can be disrupted at any moment with divine interruptions.  I accept that fully!  God has my full permission to interrupt my human ideas with His any day of any week!  But at the end of 2011, I want to know that if I didn’t meet my goals… I at least met His.  I’m tired of holding my own progress up because I didn’t have the guts to say “no” to this or that distraction.

Do you have projects you’ve been holding out on? Perhaps there’s something you keep promising yourself you’ll do “someday” but haven’t yet?  Please tell me what they are!  Surely I’m not the only one who wants 2011 to be the year where we stop with the ethereal air castles in the sky and start putting feet on our hopes and plans.

Anybody with me?


10 thoughts on “2011: We’re focusing…we’re focusing…

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  1. I love the line “at the end of 2011, I want to knwo thatif I didn’t meet my goals…I at least met His.” That was my 2010. I went into the year without any goals of my own – leaving the year open for HIS work in my life and I had NO idea what I was asking. I’m so thankful for what He did in my life with that freedom, but I’m looking forward to a new year and a new chance to dive after dreams He laid on my heart!


  2. Emily….amazing how God speaks to me through other people…people like you! Great message…thank you! Wishing you a productive and wonderful new year!



  3. I’ve been promising myself for years I’m going to write that book that’s living in my heart. Whether it will be published or not is not the point. I need to write it … and I keep it of by letting just about everything stand in the way.
    Not this year, though. I’m determined to start!

    Thanks for this blog. It pushed me in the right direction again!


  4. this is so good, friend. i can be so ADOS (attention deficit — oooh! shiny!). i pretty much have a half-dozen things i’m attempting to do all at once… don’t even ask me how many tabs i have open right now in my internet browser! ha!

    i need to learn to focus more. gonna pick up some tips from your journey this year!


    1. Oh dear, Alece, I could probably challenge you to a duel on the open tabs thing. (ADOS is the perfect description!) My husband’s jaw drops every time he watches me skip willy-nilly from one window to the next (and kindly suggests that *perhaps* that’s why my computer runs a bit hot). So this FOCUS thing will take some doing this year. But it’s time. I may be medicated by mid-January, so fair warning! BUT… God has given me so much opportunity that it would be foolish to squander it with a lack of discipline. Thanks for encouraging the ‘one word’ idea — it really does help simplify a goal!


  5. There…you did it again! My dear daughter identifying the very things I need to hear most to kick into 2011 with full commitment to the important stuff, but not necessarily “The Tyranny of the Urgent” I love you and am proud of you.


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