Icemageddon 2011 – Night 1

So 29 out of America’s 50 states are now being pounded (or soon will be pounded) by what some are calling the largest winter storm in history. My particular area of the country, a northern suburb of Indianapolis, is getting ice. Not rain, not snow, or even a “wintry mix” but pure pellets of ice that are at this very moment forming a crusty glaze on the house, the yard, the deck, the mailbox, the cul-de-sac, the neighborhood… you get the idea. Oh, and the truck.  (See photo of the tarped ice-sculpture to the left formerly known as our pick-up truck.)

We can actually hear it crackling when we get brave enough to stick our heads out the door to assess the damage. And this mess is just getting started. They’ve been warning us for days. And I’ve learned a few things about myself as I have prepared for Icemageddon 2011:

1. I still have lurking control issues. Yes, I do.

2. I cook when I get nervous. I cook a lot. The oven is panting and the poor breadmaker is curled up over on the countertop in the fetal position, sucking it’s thumb.

3. I never believe the first warnings. It’s only when I see the massive blob on the radar that I start taking action. So I guess that’s a trust thing.

4. I love it when school is called off, even if it’s because of eminent and massive power outages that surely await. Clearly I’m anti-establishment… or I just like sleeping in. Yeah, it’s the sleeping in.

5. Ice storms make me a little bit bossy. Not bad. It just brings out my…um…leadership skills.

6. If I lose my Twitter connection it’s gonna be bad. Real bad. Apparently surviving an ice storm with the help of such interesting distraction makes the whole deal feel less ominous. So needless to say, I am very happy for an iPhone and I hope AT&T doesn’t fail me if Comcast/Xfinity does. This reminds me, I need to go charge my iPhone while there’s still power.

7. I love that truck. I mean, look…it even gets a blankie.

Anyone else out there facing the storm? (I’m guessing at least 60% of you who are United States residents are.) What are you learning about yourself??


5 thoughts on “Icemageddon 2011 – Night 1

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  1. I’m just north of you…and while everyone else is stocking up on water, bread, and peanut butter, I made extra pitchers of tea and coffee (I need caffeine!!), bought charcoal for the grill so I can make hamburgers and smores, and I baked pumpkin bread. I’m going to straighten my hair before I go to sleep in case I lose power but still have to go to work. A girl still has her pride!


  2. Atta girl! You remembered your hair. That’s impressive in these perilous times. What would NOT be impressive is any employer that would make you work under the current conditions. But either way, you’re gonna rock gorgeous hair and yummy food. AND? You just reminded me to make more tea. So thanks!


  3. Well, we are on the southern end of the storm, in North East Texas, so I don’t pay much attention when the bad weather is coming. We had temps of 71 yesterday and tomorrow the storm will hit, with ice and snow. We don’t get much, and most of the time they say we will get snow, we don’t, so until I see it on the ground I don’t panic. I love to read, and will never in my lifetime read every book I have, so as long as I have a candle to burn, I’m good to go! I do hate when I can’t get on twitter, facebook, or youtube, because of being able to keep up with friends and family that are REALLY affected by the storm. My best friend lives in the Greenwood area of Indianapolis, so I know what y’all are going through. Will be praying for y’all, and hope the storm isn’t as bad as expected!


  4. Im over in Broad Ripple, if you don’t remember. We’ve already had 1″ of ice/sleet. Frankly, Im worried about losing power because our only source of heat are 2 space heaters. And I’m worried if my boyfriend will have to go out in this to pick up somethings from the store. This caught us unprepared monetarily (low cash til check hits the bank). Having just been in the hosp with lung issues, I’m afraid I’ll get sick again. Please pray.


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