Wordless Wednesday 2/2/11 – Icemageddon Arsenal


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 2/2/11 – Icemageddon Arsenal

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  1. You forgot to include all you baking! (That’s the REAL arsenal!!) Hope you’re staying warm…we haven’t lost power here yet, and IWU actually called a snow day today so I’m REJOICING in a free day at home.


  2. Bekah, remember that I have a 13 year old boy. Cookies… gone. Cinnamon rolls… gone. Homemade pizza… 4 pieces in the freezer that will soon be, you guessed it… gone! Currently working on replenishing the food arsenal today!


  3. Emily, I love your blog! The stories about the ice/sleet/snow storm were great. Just glad we didn’t lose power. I’d miss the e-mails & FB.
    Thanks for sharing with us.


  4. Em, You just needed the wide angle lense to get the cookiing AND the reading books to curl up with by the fireplace – as for me I was thinking abot purchasing a snow blower on Craigslist – now with the ice I’m looking for a jackhammer – even Ginger’s feet (all four of them) slide out from under her going around the side of the house . Keep writing — we all love it!


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