Relax and Go With It

You know when you walk out into a storm and tense up every muscle in your body trying to resist the beating wind and stinging precipitation? And you know how you inevitably drop your keys in a puddle or dump your bag upside-down because you were trying to rush through it? Yeah, me too.

I always think fighting the storm with every ounce of my energy will some how keep it from getting to me. Or I try to run through it as fast as possible, thinking that will somehow make it less bothersome. But it doesn’t work. Fighting it just makes me tense and clumsy. And I still get wet and wind-blown!

Guess what. The exact same fact is true when challenges blow into our lives and send us running for cover. Somewhere during the past few years, I’ve realized how completely out of control I am to make life’s difficult challenges go away.  So, out of necessity, I decided to relax and stop fighting it — just to slow down and see what I needed to learn about myself. Eventually, the sun started to peek through again.

There are still clouds that come in and out, mind you. But now that my family is starting to see a little break in our storm, I see even more clearly God’s incredible care for us. We have witnessed Him reshaping our dreams, building our character and purifying our motives with all that proverbial wind and rain. It’s like He washes away our former expectations so He has a clean heart to work with.

We can’t wish storms away, but it feels surprisingly good to stop digging in our heels and trying to control it… just to relax and go with it.


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