“Finding God In the Ruins”

finding God in the ruinsFriends, you know by now I don’t use this blog to sell things.  And rarely do I use this space to say, “Hey, check out my friend’s book because I love my friend.” Although I am often tempted because I do love my friends and all the brilliant work they do.

I do, however, use this space to share what I’m going through and what God is teaching me. He has been showing me just what He can do with every single life. No one is too hurt, too damaged, or too lost. Ever. We all need to know the stories of people who come out of the ruins into a place of hope and genuine peace.

My friend, Matt Bays, knows pain and disappointment.  He also knows how a hurting heart can fall prey to a whole domino effect of choices and addictions that only drive us deeper into darkness. His story, Finding God In the Ruins, artfully and articulately explores “the ruins” where he least expected to find anything of value…much less a loving God.  His story is important because so many of us (try every one of us) need to know what to do with our feelings when circumstances make God seem more like a bully than a loving friend.

If I were Matt, I would probably want to hang onto the anger and let it effect my potential.  Yet somehow, he invites us into this journey without the slightest tinge of bitterness.  It’s one of the most beautifully written books I’ve read in a long time; and I’m picky about this stuff.

Reading Matt’s story could mean the difference between drowning in pain for the rest of your life and finding the greatest love you’ve ever known through that very same pain.  Also, can we just do a little celebration dance for the way Matt’s story has unfolded?  No one would have blamed him for throwing in the towel.  But. He. Didn’t.

This trailer gives you a little glimpse of Matt, his family, and the story I think could impact a lot of lives on this messed-up planet.

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