About Emily


I write for a living. I’ve served as a writer for Gaither Music Company since 1997 and I have been a scriptwriter for more than four dozen volumes in the award-winning Homecoming series. I write magazine features, web content, television commercials, artist bios, song lyrics… and this blog.

The stories and truths documented here have been born out of my personal journey as a writer, mom, wife, friend and human being. I believe Jesus is as fascinating and relevant in the world now as he was 2000 years ago, though I had Him all wrong for way too long. I want to know Him better.

The very best thing I’ve got going for me (besides Jesus) is my 24-year marriage to Scott Sutherland and the two incredible people we’re privileged to call our children. I also love my dogs way too much. You probably need to know that.

In 2008, our son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which sent our family on an entirely new journey of learning about Autism Spectrum Disorders. His brilliant mind, combined with his challenges, has revealed to us a whole new avenue for discovering the incredible gifts that exist inside every challenge. Through nutrition and other interventions, we have seen a huge improvement in symptoms and we are so grateful for the progress! That journey creeps into this blog as we learn more and more about helping both our children grow into wise, healthy adults for whom faith is more than just a word.

5 thoughts on “About Emily

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  1. Looking forward to sitting sometime soon and reading your whole blog! How exciting the life you & Scott are living since you left the Washington, DC area. I feel like it has been forever since I heard anything about the Parkes family. Trust you are all well and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Judi Schleiden


  2. This makes me want to be your best friend and follow you around and laugh at everything you say and wish you lived closer so I could talk to you every day.

    Oh, wait– I already felt that way.

    Well, reading this just reminded me WHY.


  3. Dear Emily

    It is December 26 here in Melbourne Australia. Merry Christmas.
    My favourite Christmas Carol has always been Oh Holy Night.
    This year at midnight mass I was actually reading the words and error pinning was there!
    Wow! When was that ever a part of the song?
    I found your beautiful reflection as I searched for what it meant.
    My soul felt it’s worth.
    God revealed his Christmas gift to me from a post dated (2009).
    I was pinning for perfection, and when I couldn’t live up to that, I tried to hide myself, become invisible, become fat become unworthy.
    Why? Because as a child my adopted brother and sister were always told they were special because they were chosen. I felt like I was just what my parents got!
    But through his divine mercy God revealed
    I was chosen by God, I was worthy and my soul now feels it’s worth.
    I have a lot of work to do to rebuild his temple, but I will do it with joy and thanksgiving.

    God Bless you and your family this beautiful season of Christmas.

    Thank you, for your beautiful gift of the written word.


    PS I saw quickly saw you write songs. I found songs in a journal I wrote down a few years ago. I was getting inspiration during the night and had to write them down as I would forget them in the morning.
    Maybe you could look at them.
    I have no music background to speak of, but to spread God’s word through song would be a dream come true.


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