Little Miracles.

I have an almost obsessive fascination with the miracle of beauty that grows from a tiny dried up seed.  Just ask my kids.  I can’t drive anywhere without pointing out an amazing field of wildflowers, a gorgeous tree, or some neighbor’s rosebush.  I used to be too intimidated to try growing anything myself, because I was afraid I’d kill it.  But a few years ago, my husband and I got brave and started trying our hand at flower gardening.  Soon, with the help of the Lowes lawn and garden department and my mom (along with some generous friends who divided some plants so I could try them out in my yard), we started getting the hang of it.  Mind you, we’ve made some messes.  And we’ve had to move things around several times.  And then there’s the Hydrangea debacle of ‘2008.  But regardless, EVERY year when April and May start to yield a new crop of blossoms around our house, you would think I’d never seen a flower before in my life.  It’s just so mind-blowing every single time something beautiful and colorful pops out of the ground after months of winter.

One of my favorites is the one pictured here… the ‘black bearded iris’ I purchased at our local farmer’s market about three summers ago.  It started off as a dried-up, unimpressive-looking bulb that was about as ugly as it could be.  I was told it was a black iris (although, as you’ll see, it’s really more of a deep purple color in bright lighting), so I bought it to plant alongside some white bearded irises.  The first year it bloomed, I got one bloom. I was ecstatic!  The next year, I got a couple maybe.  Then, last fall, my husband helped me move the black and white irises to a new spot where they could get more sun… and WHOA!  This spring, we have more than a dozen giant blooms!  That little dried up mess of a bulb is now a patch of breathtaking beauty we can gaze upon out of our kitchen window!

This is just one reminder that nothing is as it seems.  If you tend to get discouraged, thinking maybe miracles were just saved for previous millenniums… remember this picture and know that if I could grow this, miracles are still happening!!  Don’t miss the little miracles that remind you of the hope that lies hidden beneath unsuspecting exteriors!


Somewhere Over the 7th Rainbow

ruby-slippersOkay, I know you may not believe me when I tell you this.  But here goes anyway.  Today… just three weeks after seeing six rainbows in one day in Hawaii… I saw a 7th one just outside Houston, Texas.  Then, about 10 minutes later, an 8th — and it was a DOUBLE rainbow!   (To be fair, the 8th one may or may not have been the other end of the 7th, but since it was a double I’d say it counts as at least two today.)  Regardless,  the tally still sits at more than 7 rainbows during December, of all months.  After the year I’ve had, I am choosing to believe that more than seven December  rainbows is more than an unlikely coincidence.  I am now convinced that these beauties are my own personal symbol of hope.  (For those who didn’t read about the first six rainbows and why they meant so much to me, check out the December 21st post called This Ain’t Prettyville.) 


I tried to get pictures of today’s rainbows with my camera phone to prove that I’m really not making this up.  But I was riding in the car and could not get a shot of it to save my life!  So you’ll just have trust me, I guess. 


All I know is that I’m somewhere over the 7th rainbow, and skies may or may not be blue… but I sure do hope the song is right and the dreams that we dare to dream really do come true.  I’m quite sure Isaiah 49:23 is right when the Lord promises, “…those who hope in me will not be disappointed.”  I’m definitely not disappointed.  That’s for sure.

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