In honor of breast cancer awareness…


I took this photo of an Indiana sunset on Friday night, October 4.  Even the sky, in its silent, breathtaking beauty, seemed to be observing breast cancer awareness and honoring those who have fought so courageously.  This is for everyone whose life has been touched by this disease.

At every opportunity, let’s support the incredible efforts being made to find the cure and improve the odds!  There is some great information about breast cancer awareness at and at

“If you blog it, they will come…”

cornfieldSo my writer friend Erik has been telling me for months that I need to start this blog.  He’s sort of been like that creepy voice in the movie “Field of Dreams” that keeps trying to make Kevin Costner build a baseball diamond in the middle of his Iowa cornfield by whispering, “If you build it… they will come…” Erik isn’t really creepy… but work with me here. The point is, he believes some good things can rise out of otherwise ordinary-looking cornfields just like those here in my home state of Indiana.


I’ve kept a blog for several years at which is sort of my behind-the-scenes diary as a staff member at Gaither Music Company. Over the years, I’ve been blown away with emails from all over the world. I don’t fool myself into thinking people read it because they’re interested in what I have to say. They read it because I work for people they admire.  BUT… what I’ve discovered as a “behind the scenes reporter” for 8 years has been this incredible gift called blogging, where a preacher’s kid from Indiana (that’s me) could talk about some things that matter not only to me… but to someone else in another corner of the world!


So even if it’s just for Erik and a couple of my favorite cousins… I bring you my blog.  Here you will not hear me talk about my work for Gaither Music… instead, you will hear what honks me off, why I think Jesus is 10,000 times cooler than any of us would ever dare to believe, and all kinds of other treats yet to be revealed! I’ll touch on the craft of writing now and then, because I can’t always resist yammering on about the power of words and how they can move us to think differently and expand our horizons.  I grew up in a pastor’s home and came out with my faith and my family both intact (although I’ll admit to a sarcastic streak and a couple nervous tics) so that might  explain some things you’ll read here!


Mostly, I am acting on the belief that I was created to write and there’s a reason for that. Maybe you’re the reason.  Maybe you just need to know someone over here in Indiana has some of the same questions you do.  Or maybe… you’ll just get a kick out of watching me squirm as I try to figure out what the heck I’m doing.  That alone could be worth the ticket price.


So if I blog it… will you come?!  Erik Deckers promised me you would!  And God didn’t give him that creepy whisper for nothing, right?! Now perhaps he can use his influential powers and tell me how to change the time on my blog from 3 a.m.?!

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